About me

Deven Giri

I was born on 25th of Ashoj in 2031 BS in Jaidi, Baglung; in a middle class family. I recall one particular incident that happened during the course of education during my childhood. I started to write with my left hand unknowingly. I started all the initial letters and formation of words and sentences with my left hand, and I have learned a lot using this hand. But back then, the society didn’t take it positively. They took it opposite to their tradition to write with the right hand. I always wanted to write with my left hand but my teachers and family always wanted me to write with my right hand. I used to write with left hand in their absence but I was forced to use my right hand to write.

Even today I want to write with my left hand, differently than what the tradition or society think about. I want to think differently, I want to strengthen my ‘left sense’ while writing. I want to do different than what is happening currently, I want to sense differently. Today, I realize that I have made no mistake having such a thought. This made me ‘moody’. Society wanted me to write with right but I wanted to use left, this struggle gave a path to the new way and this new way for me is different than others, so I wanted to call myself ‘Debre hate (lefty) Deven’.

I want to recall my days in village if I have to talk about my music and acting career, times when I actively involved in many cultural programs writing songs, composing music and even singing myself. That time it was all in the village level, but I do recall now that consciously im involved in music since then.

Wherever I went I remembered the village and its lifestyle – those rest places (chautara), beauty of nature, my own language, tradition and culture, and the love of my nation followed me, and I started to pour all these through my words.

It is normal to try to be popular but I can’t write just to be popular. I want my songs to sing life in it, I want it to speak the truth of my life. I feel contented to write truths rather than imaginations. This gives the true color of my life. I expect not to hamper any one through my writing and at the same time I want to deliver the truth of the society. I had this plan and excitement to produce an album since long but it took time. Today, after 20 years, you can find my emotions, my views through CDs, DVDs and books all around you. Now I feel that my life has gained a reason to live, my miseries and effort have gained its success, and I am so self-content and happy that I feel like I’m on top of the world. And, this ‘The Pen and Deven’, which is in your hand right now, is the happiness I’ve received after a lots of hurdles. I hope this will also help to ease your life to some extent. I would be honored to receive your valuable suggestions and feedback, for which, the address is provided at the end of this book.